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Harrington House Designs is a woman and US veteran owned business created and run by two enterprising sisters who were born and raised in the gorgeous state of Michigan. All of our products are designed in the USA and are sourced in the US and around the world. We use quality materials that will last.

Harrington House Designs Products

8x6 Embossed Leather Journal  with Antique Deckle Edge Paper

Our 8x6 inch embossed leather journals are made using a sturdy, hand-stitched leather binding to secure the beautiful handmade antiqued deckle edge paper. There are 240 pages (120 sheets) of extra thick deckle edge paper. Each journal is approximately 8x5.5x2 inches. Due to the nature of being handmade, there will be slight variations to the size and color. Each journal is a unique piece of art just waiting for you to make it your own.

The antiqued deckle edge paper is extra thick and adds a beautiful aesthetic to our journals. These are perfect for writers, scrapbookers, and artists! Use any type of media in the ultra thick pages without fear of the ink or paint bleeding through. The high quality, handmade paper will work with various inks, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, and other wet and dry media.

The beauty of these journals will help inspire you to create your own Book of Shadows, Book of Poetry, Scrapbook, Diary, Sketchbook, Watercolor Journal, Travel Journal, Prayer Journal, Grimoire, etc. Use one of our journals for a wedding guest book, graduation journal, or baby shower guest book. The bride/groom, graduate, or new parents can use the untouched portion of the book to capture the following months or years of their life. Plus they will have an amazing keepsake of their day/accomplishment. These will make amazing gifts for friends and family!

Spiral Art Glass Pen

Spiral Art Glass Dip pens are designed to hold ink in the "spiral" so you can write 2-3 sentences per dip.


Each Pen comes with one Spiral Art Glass Calligraphy pen and one glass rest.

Available in 11 colors!!

1 - White

2 - Blue

3 - Black Silver

4 - Teal Green Silver

5 - Silver Glitter

6 - Red

7 - Teal Blue Silver

8 - Copper

9 - Lime Green

10 - Lavender Silver

11 - Opal Shimmer

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